This is a refresher training programme designed for individuals who have previously completed the full SSSTS course and need to refresh their knowledge and skills.

This course is typically aimed at construction site supervisors and managers who are responsible for ensuring the safety and well-being of workers on construction sites.

During the SSSTS Refresher, participants revisit key topics and concepts from the original SSSTS course, such as health and safety legislation, risk assessment, hazard control, and effective communication.

The refresher course also covers any updates or changes in regulations or industry best practices, ensuring that supervisors stay current with the latest safety standards.

By taking the SSSTS Refresher, construction professionals can maintain their certification and demonstrate their commitment to safety in the workplace. It helps individuals stay informed about safety protocols, enabling them to create a safer work environment for their teams and reduce the risk of accidents and injuries on construction sites.

Upcoming Course Dates

SSSTS Refresher – 25/06/2024 08:30 – 25/06/2024 16:30

Date: 25-06-2024

End Date: 25/06/2024 16:30

SSSTS Refresher – 25/09/2024 08:30 – 25/09/2024 16:30

Date: 25-09-2024

End Date: 25/09/2024 16:30


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