The EUSR CAT 1 & 2 training courses are competency-based programmes designed for individuals working in the utilities sector in the United Kingdom.

These courses are part of the Energy & Utility Skills Register (EUSR) certification system, which aims to ensure that workers in the industry have the necessary knowledge and skills to perform their roles safely and effectively.


EUSR CAT 1, or Category 1, is an entry-level training course. It is intended for individuals who are new to the utilities sector or are starting in roles that require foundational knowledge and skills. The CAT 1 training covers fundamental concepts related to safety, industry-specific practices, and regulatory compliance. Participants who complete this course receive certification indicating their readiness for basic roles in the utilities industry.


EUSR CAT 2, or Category 2, is an intermediate-level training course. It is designed for individuals with some experience in the utilities sector who are looking to enhance their skills and knowledge. CAT 2 training provides a deeper dive into specific industry areas, offering more advanced training and assessment compared to CAT 1. This course is often required for positions with increased responsibilities and complexity.

Both CAT 1 and CAT 2 training play a crucial role in ensuring that utility workers have the appropriate training and competencies required for their roles. Certification from these courses is frequently a prerequisite for specific job positions, contributing to the maintenance of industry standards and regulatory compliance while promoting safety and efficiency in the utilities sector

Upcoming Course Dates

EUSR CAT 1 & 2 – 28/08/2024 08:30 – 29/08/2024 16:30

Date: 28-08-2024

End Date: 29/08/2024 16:30


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