EUSR Water Hygiene is a specialised programme designed to educate and certify individuals working in the water industry in the United Kingdom on best practices and hygiene standards.

During the Water Hygiene training course, participants learn about essential topics such as the importance of clean water, contamination prevention, health and safety measures, and the regulations governing water hygiene in the UK.

The course aims to ensure that individuals working in roles related to water supply and distribution have a thorough understanding of how to maintain the quality and safety of water throughout its journey from source to tap.

Successfully completing the EUSR Water Hygiene training course results in certification, which is often a mandatory requirement for individuals working on water-related projects or in roles that involve contact with potable water.

This training helps safeguard public health by ensuring that those responsible for water management adhere to strict hygiene standards and regulations, ultimately ensuring the delivery of safe and clean water to consumers.

Upcoming Course Dates

EUSR Water Hygiene – 31/10/2024 08:30 – 31/10/2024 16:30

Date: 31-10-2024

End Date: 31/10/2024 16:30


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