Temporary works are structures or systems that support the construction process, such as scaffolding, formwork, or shoring, and they play a crucial role in ensuring safety and structural integrity during construction.

During the Temporary Works Coordinator training course, participants learn about their responsibilities in overseeing and coordinating temporary works on construction sites. This includes understanding relevant legislation, risk assessment, design considerations, and communication with various stakeholders involved in the project.

The course equips individuals with the knowledge and skills required to effectively manage temporary works, ensuring they are safe, compliant with regulations, and fit for purpose.

Temporary Works Coordinators are crucial in reducing the risks associated with temporary structures and ensuring the overall safety and success of construction projects. This training is vital for construction professionals seeking to take on this important role in the industry.

Upcoming Course Dates

Temporary Works Coordinator – 13/08/2024 08:30 – 14/08/2024 16:30

Date: 13-08-2024

End Date: 14/08/2024 16:30

Temporary Works Coordinator – 12/11/2024 08:30 – 13/11/2024 16:30

Date: 12-11-2024

End Date: 13/11/2024 16:30


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